Here For The Ride

September 16, 2017

Here For The Ride is Andre D. Wagner’s first monograph and comprehensive body of work. The book chronicles the everyday life of people as they embark on a personal journey through the New York subway system.

Made up of sixty-two photographs that are intended to be read more than viewed, Here For The Ride is a collective sequence alluding to the qualities of life that are often invisible to the common eye. What started as an approach to kill the mundaneness of commuting between Brooklyn and Manhattan soon turned into a three-year journey through the New York City subway. Rather than attempting to depict all subway lines and boroughs, Wagner focused on photographing his personal journey in transit. This approach was natural in practice, but still demanded a sense of urgency as the visual dynamics changed from one stop to another, leaving Wagner not knowing when his subjects would arrive at their destination and exit the scene forever.



Containing two interrelated documents, the hardcover book contains the primary photographic narrative, consisting of 100 pages and 62 photos, with an introduction by Miles Hodges. The paperback includes an essay by Zun Lee that examines the photographic work in the book. The paperback also contains an in-depth interview with the artist and a series of images that delve deeper into the artistic process behind book.

Here For The Ride is produced and published by Creative Future. The first edition is limited to 750 copies, each comes with a numbered certificate, verifying the originality of the work. 


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