Andre D. Wagner (b. 1986) is an African-American artist and photographer born in Omaha, Nebraska. He is a 2010 graduate of Buena Vista University with a BA in Social Work, and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. 

Wagner's photography explores the poetic and lyrical nuances of daily life and everyday people; using city streets, people, public transportation, and the youth of the twenty-first century as his visual language. His work and sensibilities derive from his life experiences, firmly believing that it's the foundation to the minds eye, the starting point of it all. 

Wagner avoids the overtly documentary approach but is committed to a kind of rigorous photographic surface, completely dealing with how the images look. He has a specific passion for visual literacy and photo sequencing, and values the power images have to inform and enrich one-another. Individually, each photograph is an independent moment in time; as a collection, a narrative is built, guided not by linear time but by emotion. 

Wagner's work remains rooted in photographic film, he develops black and white negatives and makes silver gelatin prints in his personal darkroom.

Solo Exhibitions

American Survey Pt. 2 Tell It Like It Is, PAPILLION, Los Angeles, 2015 

Life As I See It, Culture Fix, New York, NY, 2014 

Life As I See It, Brooklyn Fireproof, Brooklyn, NY 2014

Group Exhibitoins

Hit the Streets: Four Decades of NY Street Photography, Outlet Fine Art, Brooklyn, NY 2015

Brooklyn Boat Block Party, Petit Bain, Paris, France 2014


Here For The Ride (Monograph), Creative Future, 2017  

The Purist - Parades Vol. 2, 2015 

The Purist Vol. 1, 2014

Black Boys (Book), Creative Future, 2013

Artist Talks

The New York Times Street Style Panel, Samsung 837, New York 2017  

The Great Discontent Live, Cheryl Dunn and Andre Wagner, Wythe Hotel, Brooklyn, 2016

Global Kids, Bronx, 2016 

Leica StoreWashington, D.C. 2015

Documentary Style & The Analog Process, B&H Photo, New York, 2015

Hit The Streets, Outlet Fine Art, Brooklyn, 2015 

Apple Store (Meatpacking), New York, 2014

Digital Dumbo, 2014